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2014/15 RESULTS

2015/16 RESULTS

Our top trade for 2014 moving into 2015 delivered over 500% gains in just over 9 months to readers who took full advantage of our alert. We announced COCP as our top trade ahead of its Q2 FY results, in anticipation of the progress OPK's Frost would have made with the company. As it turns out, we made an excellent bet. When you have a Nobel Prize winner (Dr. Roger D. Kornberg) involved in your company, it is generally a good indication of something big to come.


Every trade is not only an opportunity to make money, but a opportunity for us to become better at our stock selection process. Even though this trade for 2015/16 was one of our most successful trades to date, we also learned some valuable lessons and added some stringent new rules to our screening process. This trade demonstrated over 950% gains in just 3 months to readers.


Real Result from Real Potential, Driven by Real Professionals

1. Our DETAILED Track Record

Trade of the Year for 2015/2016

  • XLIT (XLI Technologies)
    957% GAINS
  • Oct 21, 2015 - Low - $0.14
  • 957% Gains and 3 Months Later
  • Jan 21, 2016 - High - $1.48


Trade of the Year for 2014/2015

  • COCP (Cocrystal Pharma)
    512% GAINS
  • Aug 5, 2014 - Low - $0.25
  • 512% Gains and 8 Months Later
  • March 31, 2015 - High - $1.50


2. How long have we been in existence?

Our very first subscriber was in the Summer of 2013, back when we used rotary phones and regular old postage stamps to send envelopes of hand-signed letters. Nowadays we have taken to the internet and in 2015 launched, our very own place on the internet to call home. In 2017 we hope to launch our own iPhone and Android applications, so stay tuned. Each and every day we get bigger and better.


3. Did I accidentally sign my life away?

No. We purposefully make it hard to opt-in to our services. We only want subscribers who really care about what we are doing.

We put ourselves in our subscriber's shoes. What would make us respect a company? Honesty, integrity and upfront disclosures of all material information.

That integrity carries through everything we do.


4. How do we make money?

Due to the extensive costs of performing the research we do and the quality of staff that we retain, we make every effort to reduce the costs passed along to our subscribers. At the current moment, our business model is supported through several avenues:

Private Capital Raises
One of the biggest boosts to our business was the injection of venture capital. The funding has allowed us to focus more on creating a great product, rather than being forced to rely too heavily on other sources of income.

Strategic Sponsorships
When looking to bring cashflow to a business, it is important to remain true to your core. At the foundation of Trader's Choice, our goal is to create better Trader's. That's why we have sought out several strategic partners to promote useful tools, products and situations to our subscribers that we believe in, while shifting the cost to the advertiser rather than our subscriber base.

Subscription Dollars
Finally and currently our eventual roadmap, is to rely on subscriber income and revenue to fund the majority of our operations. At the current moment, due to the early stages and relatively new stage of our company's reputation, we rely much more heavily on venture capital and strategic sponsorships to fund the free-trial periods we offer to our exponentially growing subscriber base.


5. Think you're better than us? Good, you're hired. Turn that skill into cold hard cash.

If you are a trading prodigy, we want to bribe you into joining our team with a lucrative and exciting job at Trader's Choice. Put money in your pocket by helping other traders. It's the best job in the world.

Send us evidence of your wizardry to The best way to grab our attention is a ledger of trades form your broker showing your trading profits. You can black out any personal information, but remember to leave the date, entry price, exit price and symbol in the printouts.




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Frequently Asked Questions from our Members and Subscribers

Trader's Choice is an information powerhouse. Research reports and extensive research on companies can cost millions of dollars every year. We can afford to give away our reports and trades for free to new subscribers because we utilize the experience and ideas of thousands of members who are experts in their own fields. This is an economically efficient strategy that helps us bring the best value to our members.

We perform the due diligence and release 1-4 trade ideas every year, specifically looking for companies with hidden potential that isn’t as easy for the average traders to spot; companies before they make a run.

We aren't oriented or restricted by time limits. That being said, we will only contact you when we have found opportunity. If we don’t find it more than once, there is no sense wasting your hard-earned money and our hard-won subscription by giving you a less-than stellar stock.

Being very connected with all our members, we rapidly find who is an expert and who isn’t. If you are trading prodigy and have beaten our track record time and time again consistently, we want to bribe you into joining our team with a lucrative and exciting job at Trader's choice. Put money in your pocket by helping other traders; there's no better way.

So far nobody has taken us up on this offer, and we're still the best around.

Feel free to reach out if you have what it takes to make million dollar trades.


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957% in 2016
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